Toys ‘R Us, Times Square, New York City

Toys ‘R Us, Times Square, New York City

It is one of the most notable structure in Times Square, New York City. It was Spring 2007 and I was there for a few days work trip.

Hello Shrek!

It is the biggest Toys ‘R US in New York! I manage to visit this store for a short period of time due to our tight schedule. Nevertheless, I was there to look for my Transformers toys.

And I found them. Heaps of them. Of course I was happy to locate them but bringing back to Malaysia was troublesome so I bought only a few.

One of the highlights of the Toys ‘R Us store is the huge moving T-Rex of Jurassic Park. Check out the video below!

T-Rex of Jurassic Park!

Well, this is a must visit place. It is really huge. Bigger than the ones we have at home by a few times. Lovely.

Toys ‘R Us New York City Address:

1514 Broadway, New York –

(646) 366-8800