Famous Beef Noodle and Char Kuey Teow @ Kedai Kopi Lai Fong, KL


Last week I went to a marathon, read more HERE. After that, we went to look for food. Knowing Jalan HS Lee is nearby, we went to Kedai Kopi Lai Fong. Famous for its beef noodle for years, I had never tasted it since more than 5 years ago. We parked at Central Market, walked to there within minutes. Even though it was still early in the morning, the place was already crowded.

We all knew about the famous beef noodle but their char kuey teow also equally good as recommended by friends.

It was indeed a satisfaction guaranteed char kuey teow. Noodle and kuey teow were stir fried together with chinese sausages, prawn, fish cake, cockles and eggs. All together then stir fried again with bean sprouts and chilli to perfection. As colourful and good the kuey teow looks, it was delicious. A plate of this will not cost you more than RM 6 per plate.

Then, the famous beef noodle.

Sadly, I’m not a big fan of beef “inner” organs. I only tasted the lovely soup and the beef balls. Rachel loved this. Yet again, a bowl of this only cost like RM 5-6. The great thing about this place is you pay little but you get great foods. Recommendable!

Jalan HS LEE Junction
(Park at Central Market / Kota Raya, walk over to there)