Dried Meat Special @ Alison, Sri Petaling


Often we heard much about Ramli burger special. From OM burger to SS15 Burger, from apple burger to pineapple burger. Don’t get me wrong, I loved Ramli burgers but recently, I bumped to something different, Dried Meat Special!

I came across this stall when I was at Kedai Makanan and Minuman Alison (food court) at Sri Petaling.

Apparently this food court is quite popular in Sri Petaling. Ho Chak came here before to review one of its stalls (if I’m not mistaken).

So then, I came across this stall and I saw something interesting….

Not this, obviously…

But this… Fried Egg… Well, it did reminds me a lot of Ramli burger so I ordered one.

It cost me RM 2.80 with Chicken Floss and Fried Egg. Slightly butter toasted bread packed with dried meat, chicken floss, fried egg, slices of cucumber with either tomato or chili sauce. It was quite good. My wife, Rachel liked this also but she felt its decent only.

Kedai Makanan and Minuman Alison
Sri Petaling

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