Party! Party! Party! Hennessy Artistry 2009 @ Bukit Kiara

Lots of pictures with this post, met lots of bloggers during the event, lovely!

Thanks Nuffnang and Hennessy for the generous invitation. Really appreciate it.

This was the second time and second year for Hennessy Artistry. It was my wife, Rachel’s first time. Knowing the traffic, we went there early.

Me and wife, Rachel in front of the Hennessy Artistry backdrop.

Rachel with the unlimited free flow of Hennessy. Since I was driving, unofficially she got the “get drunk” license by me. We got ourselves the VIP S Section area as we walked over, we saw many familiar faces.

For instance, the event “king”, Simon Seow.

The ever lovely, Wen Pink…

The event “queen”, Jess.

Yeah, and my best friend, flew back from Bangkok, Peter.

Group picture!!

With Duduman, Chris Thoo…

Hitomi, me, Dustyhawk and the lovely Tziaaaa…..

The always leopard skinned, Evelyn…

From Penang, Joyln Goh and unidentified finger…

Bigger group photo…

Dominique Tsai, she’s damn hot!!

The party from my area…

… and of course, the Hennessy….

Lastly, I bumped to Kenny Sia again.

It was another great event. We left early as we had something on the next day. We didn’t get drunk and we went home safe. We drank responsibly!

Its nice to meet the Nuffnangers since the last event I had which was like months ago. We really enjoyed it. Thanks again!