Colorful Florida Street, Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA

*Written by Wilson Ng*

Many might wonder how is the weather like in Buenos Aires. Well, Buenos Aires is having summer now. The weather is around 32°c slightly colder than Kuala Lumpur. During noon time, it’s very sunny and quite hot. The sun rises around 6.30 am and set around 8pm. The exchange rate is 1 US dollar to 3.8 pesos.

Staying in Sheraton Hotel Buenos Aires, San Martin is as good choice. The popular Florida Street is just 5 min walk from the hotel. I enjoyed the short walk as the architecture of Buenos Aires is so beautiful.

The Florida Street span a huge stretch of shopping outlets and shopping malls.

Many souvenir shops and also restaurant can be easily find here. Local products are pretty “cheap” here. Suits are pretty reasonable here from 300 pesos and above. Argentina football jerseys are everywhere here. From printed names of Diego Maradone to Lionel Messi. I’m planning to get a few before I fly back.Electronic products are very expensive here. For the food for a pax should be at least 20 pesos and above.

One issue that I almost forget mentioning here, the language. Most Argentinians don’t speak English, they speak Spanish.

Luckily, I still get away for it but I’m picking up a few easy words like Hola, Gracias, Maradona and Messi.
So far, the Argentinians gave us a very warm welcome and they are very friendly.

Thus, I must not forget the street performances here. From a singing band to a solo guitarist or solo singer.

Florida Street is so colorful that you can walk for hours. It’s an eye opener.

We walked for 4 hours just around Florida Street ignoring the fact we are still jetlagging.

 Florida Street is a must visit tourist area if you are in Buenos Aires. Remember to bring more pesos for shopping, its a shopping haven.

Most shopping centers here are fully air conditioned. The street is crowded and clean. As always becareful of
pickpockets, they are notorious here.

Video of Florida Street, Buenos Aires, Argentina in FULL HD format, enjoy!

That’s it for now, we are leaving to Cordoba next!