Taylor’s University College, Lakeside Campus Open Day

Taylor’s University College, Lakeside Campus Open Day

On 20th of March, I went to the new Taylor’s University College, Lakeside Campus for its Open Day.

Sitting in a 20 over acres site with a 5 acres of lake, the campus is nothing but outstanding.

The campus is built with an environment friendly (green) concept.

The corridors are built as such so that air can flows in from the lakeside, thus less relying on electricity to cool down the area. Such innovation, help the college as I was told save energy as well as making the college produces lesser carbon copy.

Not forgetting the trees and huge lake sit in the middle. The lake does help to make the scenery looks better. I was told that they will have water sports on this lake in the future. Nice.

I’m an ex-Taylor’s student myself. I completed my Canadian Pre-University in 1997. As an ex-student, I’m glad Taylor’s University College has this new campus. I was there early, 10 am and the crowd was already building up.

The multiple purpose hall was packed when I was there. Many parents brought their children to look around the new campus.

I walked around and found this quite interesting from the School of Health Science. I was told this is real stuff.

The School of Architecture, Building and Design is one of the most popular courses in Taylor’s. Check the creativity on this one! A city built using recycle parts of a computer.

After attending the talk, I was given a tour during the Open Day. The new library is really impressive. It’s bigger and also with lots of studying desks for students in the library.

Tables and chairs are assigned in such so that students are comfortable studying in library.

Look at the color scheme and the individual tables and chairs. It’s a good place to study for exams without interruption.

Well, I couldn’t believe my eyes when they have a Mac room in the library. Check out the new Macintosh. The amount of investment they do on this college is unbelievable. Instead of getting my own, I can use the facilities here. This can save parents thousands of ringgit.


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