Travel Moments of Elena Khoo: The Encounter with Shinkansen (Bullet Train) Photographers

Travel Moments of Elena Khoo: The Encounter with Shinkansen (Bullet Train) Photographers

This is a Guest Contributor’s story from a buddy, Elena Khoo. A client turned friend, Elena has traveled to various part of the world and her last year’s trip to Japan was a memorable one. Spent 14 days backpacking in Japan and traveled to 6 cities in 6 days, her trip to Japan was awesome!

We’ve heard so much about Shinkansen (Bullet Train) of Japan throughout the years. In fact, the moment that Elena encountered one in Japan, the attention was not so much about the bullet train.

It was the photographers camped for the Shinkansen that caught Elena’s attention.

“I shall wait with my 2 cameras”

Elena hitch hiking a Shinkansen

Look at the speed of the train

Apparently, she was told, it is a common sight that photographers will camp to take the picture of Shinkansen. As she traveled to quite a number of places in Europe, this was her first. Elena used to stay in France for a few years, and she traveled quite often in Europe back then. The photographers would spend hours a day trying to capture the best shot.

Well, we heard so much about the discrimination on girls in Japan. For that, they had boarding point for ladies only as well as “ladies train” only. Unlike in Malaysia, Japanese line up to board the train. Not forgetting also the cleanliness of the whole place.

Her experience on the Shinkansen was comfortable. Elena didn’t feel the speed at all and the train was definitely faster than Eurostar based on her experience.
It was definitely a great experience from her. There will be more stories from her on her Japan trip from time to time. Thanks again buddy Elena for the story, she’s a darling.
*I am trying to work on the consistency on the guest posts here. I would also like to thank my friends for supporting this guest post column. There will be more interesting stories around the world coming soon. Thanks. *