Museo Maritime de Ushuaia Experience, ARGENTINA

In Malaysia we have Botak Chin and Bentong Kali, where as in Argentina, they have Prisoner no. 90 “El Petiso Orejudo” which is Big-Eared Short man in English or Cayetano Santos Godino, Mateo Banks a.k.a “The Mystic” and convict no. 155 – Simón Radowitzky or Radovitsky. Irish origin’s Mateo Banks was known as the first ever multi homicide felon; young Russian anarchist Simon Radowitzky was atrocious for the bombing that killed the chief of police, Falcón and his secretary; while Cayetano Santos Godino created terror against the minors in 1912 at Buenos Aires.

The final section is the Museo de Arte Marino Ushuaia or Marine Art Museum. Varying from the previous sections, this gallery is all about the marine related art in Ushuaia.

Adorned with sleek white, the gallery has completely revamped to shed the characteristic of prison. For art lovers, there are plenty of artistic collections for viewing pleasure.

Situated at the center of the museum are a small coffee shop and also a souvenir shop. Among the favorite souvenir items is the replica of Ushuaia prison’s wear with a pricey tag of around RM 300 per piece.


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