The Statue Of Liberty, New York, USA

The Statue Of Liberty, New York, USA

We have seen it so many times on TV. It is one of the most popular and important icon of New York. It is no other than the Statue of Liberty. During my trip to New York, I managed to see the Statue of Liberty on the cruise. The cruise tour I joined was a sight-seeing tour.

It was a very windy chilly afternoon. I met a Canadian couple on the cruise and had a lengthy chat with them. I was mainly promoting Malaysia for a possible destination for them.

The cruise sight-seeing tour took around 1-2 hours and it passed by the Statue of Liberty and a few famous bridges. Even from far, the Statue of Liberty looks majestic. Sadly, the tour did not include the Liberty Island tour. If not, I would have taken the picture of it nearer.

One of the most notable moments involving the Statue of Liberty would be the “The Disappearance of Statue of Liberty” by Magician David Copperfield and “The Walking Statue of Liberty” in the movie “Ghostbusters 2”.

However, it was good experience as I can witness the Statue of Liberty with my own eyes. This is a must visit place when you are in New York or New Jersey.

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