Travel Mission Oris Col Moschin Part 2: Platoon Formations

Travel Mission Oris Col Moschin Part 2: Platoon Formations

Few days ago, I was invited with fellow bloggers, Hanie Hidayah and Smashpop for a Missione Champione for Oris Col Moschin. Together with 20++ other media representatives, the whole mission was a top secret and only revealed at the destination place, the beautiful Tioman Island.

Firstly, I must thank Oris Malaysia, for inviting me for joining this Oris Col Moschin Missione Champione. After reaching in Tioman Island, all the “privates” were gathered at Berjaya Tioman Resort.

There, we got the instructions from Lt. Adeline Ng and Lt. Jenna.

Everyone was randomly pre-selected with different colour coded platoons.

There are 6 platoons; the Orange, Green, Blue, Cyan, Yellow and Red Platoon. I was selected in the Blue Platoon.

Hanie Hidayah is selected in the Red Platoon and Smashpop is selected in the Yellow Platoon.

Right we before started our mission, we were given a buffet lunch. I guess this is to make sure we have enough energy for the mission.

During lunch, we were given a simple task, to create our own flag.

I was chosen as the leader of the Blue team. Together with me are Ridzwan, Vincent, Yuan, Tiaw and Elina.

Luckily, Ridzwan is a very good artist and from there, we created our Blue Commando.

After getting all the teams and flags ready, we went to the beach for our mission briefing.

Hanie Hidayah is the leader of the RED team. I am the leader of the BLUE team. I was probably the weakest leader of all team.

However there’s no stopping us! Wonder why? Check out the video below for what’s coming next!

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