Top Five Food in Port Lincoln

Top Five Food in Port Lincoln

Located in South Australia in the region of Boston Bay of Eyre Peninsula lies a fishing city by the name of Port Lincoln.

The city is best known for its fishing industry, and the city is reputed to have the most millionaires per capita in Australia! Since the city is flourished due to  its fishing industry and you can find the freshest and the best seafood at Port Lincoln. With the strict fishing rules, there are quotas for the fishermen in the region to preserve and encourage growth of the fish population.

Staying a few nights in Port Lincoln gave me the opportunity to taste some of the best seafood. I have compiled the top five must try food in Port Lincoln.

1. Mussels

Mussels in Boston Bay are popular for its quality and size. They are farmed to perfect size so the shell is not oversized and the meat is not too small. The best part on this black shell mussels are they are as fresh as you can get.

The best mussels in Boston Bay are from Kinkawooka Shellfish which is the expert in mussels farming. Each and single of the mussels are inspected for its quality, size and freshness. You can find Kinkawooka Shellfish’s mussels almost in every restaurant and market in Port Lincoln.

One of my favourite places to have the mussels is at Del Giorno’s Café and Restaurant. Their version of ­Kinkawooka Mussel Pot is cooked in tomato, white wine and fresh chili served with chips and home made mayonnaise.  Del Giorno’s Café and Restaurant is located on the foreshore at Port Lincoln, the café & restaurant offers sparkling bay views and a generous menu specialising in seafood with a modern Australian cuisine.

Del Giorno’s Café & Restaurant Address and Contact:

80 Tasman Terrace

Port Lincoln SA 5606

Tel: + 61 8 8683 0577

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