Dragon Valley of Bama China

Dragon Valley of Bama China

It is one of the best places to live in China. Yes, you didn’t read it wrong. It is one of the best places in China. It is non-polluted like other major cities in China such as Beijing and Shanghai and this is place is as pure as it could be. This place is Bama, some referred it as Alabalama of China.

It is located in the region of Guangxi and it boast as the longevity town of China. It has more than half of dozen of centurions stayed in Bama and hundreds of elderly people aged 80s and above. Many Chinese will spent a few months in Bama as many claimed you can prolong your life there. Rental houses are everywhere in Bama.

There are a few attractions in Bama and one of them is the Dragon Valley. The Dragon Valley is named as such because of this unique formation of the river forming to the word dragon in Chinese character.

This is near the Crystal Cave of Bama, one of the most beautiful caves in the world. We spent around 15 minutes enjoying the scenery. If you noticed, the scenery is similar to Guilin who coincidently located in the same province of Guangxi China. Bama is reachable by road from Nanning in a three hours ride.