Summer and Bikinis at St Kilda Beach

Summer and Bikinis at St Kilda Beach

When you mention Melbourne, all you hear is about art, shopping, bars and coffee. One of the missing points is the beautiful St Kilda Beach. You will associate Bondi Beach with Sydney and St Kilda Beach with Melbourne.

The easiest way to visit St Kilda Beach is via trams. I have listed down all the tram numbers below. Then you have to take a short walk to the beach.

The best time to visit St Kilda Beach is during summer as it is usually hot and windy and the beach is ready for you to swim. Since it is a bay, you can’t surf at St Kilda beach.

If you don’t trust me, you can tell by the bikinis galore on the beach. They are everywhere!

It’s summer and bikinis at St Kilda Beach! Bring your hottest bikinis and rock St Kilda beach!


How to go to St Kilda Beach:

The best way to visit St Kilda Beach is via trams.Trams run approximately every 10 minutes at peak hour and every 20 minutes outside of that from approximately 5:30am to 2:30am.

Tram stop numbers to remember are:

City end of Fitzroy Street                 131

Beach end of Fitzroy Street             135

Luna Park/Acland Street                  138

Acland Street/Barkly Street             140