Top Ten Melaka Food

Top Ten Melaka Food

Melaka or (Malacca) is one of the most unique cities in Malaysia. It was colonized by the Portuguese, the Dutch and the English because of its strategic location in Southeast Asia. Maybe that is one of the reasons the Strait of Malacca is named after the city.

The city is always recognized as a historical city of Malaysia and it gained UNESCO World Heritage Site list a few years ago. With the UNESCO recognition, tourism in Melaka reached a new height. Now, weekends in Melaka are often packed with many, hungry tourists and food is one of the highlights of the city.

There are many things to eat in Melaka now but what is the “real” top Melaka food? My family originated from Melaka so it is easier for me to pinpoint some of the top Melaka food and these are the Top Ten Melaka Food in my opinion.

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1. Rice balls

My father told me that rice balls are food for coolies. As I was told, the rice is made to balls because it is easier for coolies to eat them when they are working at the port. I am not sure how accurate is that but now rice balls are big sensation.

Rice balls now usually served with a plate of steamed chicken. Some restaurants offer different type of rice to make the rice balls as well as mixing it up with other food such as yam.

The most popular chicken rice balls restaurant is Chung Wah restaurant. You often see long queue from this restaurant and stretched to Hard Rock Café Melaka. The food is sure good but you have to be patient for it.

Chung Wah Chicken Rice Ball Address:

18, Jalan Hang Jebat, 75200 Melaka, Malaysia

Tel: 06-2835508

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