Live In Indonesia 2016 #TripOfWonders #WonderfulIndonesia

Live In Indonesia 2016 #TripOfWonders #WonderfulIndonesia

We are live in Indonesia and we will be doing some live updates on our Facebook Page, Twitter and Instagram. We will be traveling in this beautiful country for 12 days! Yes, 12 days!

With Team Malaysia and Philippines in Jakarta International Airport.

We won’t be traveling solo again but with 30 influencers from Southeast Asia. We met really awesome peers from Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore and Cambodia.

With influencers from Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines and Malaysia in Jakarta

We are currently in Jakarta, leaving to Bandung soon and we will be traveling to Yogyakarta, Lombok, Bali, Labuan Bojo and Flores. Thus, we will be going to Komodo Island! Yeah, so remember to follow our live updates in Indonesia for this #TripOfWonders #WonderfulIndonesia

With Keline Woo from Singapore tasting local street food, satay in Jakarta

If you think you have seen it all in Indonesia, probably you might want to check out our perspective. Just check out our live updates and see Indonesia from our eyes!

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This trip is sponsored by Tourism Indonesia.