February 6, 2023

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Snow And Ski at Falls Creek, Victoria, AUSTRALIA

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We got to know this place, Falls Creek by a friend. As I was residing in Wagga wagga, NSW back then, driving there will take around 4-5 hours. After getting our hotel booking done locally in Wagga wagga, we rented the snow gears as well as the chains for my car.

Pictures are taken black and white. It was very cold, you can tell at the background.
From left: Henry, Sylvia, Me and Rachel

We stayed there a night due to our budget constrain. The first day was beautiful, the sky was clear but the second day was cold. Snowing non-stop and white sky, the pictures taken were all from the 2nd day.

There were charges for parking daily. The distance to walk from the parking area to the resorts are around a few hundred meters, depending which resort you stay. It’s a beautiful place, worth all the effort and money we spent. Loved it!

2 thoughts on “Snow And Ski at Falls Creek, Victoria, AUSTRALIA

  1. And the snow so slippery lor.

    Can you recall what we eat there? I keep thinking but nothing comes to mind.

  2. We had simple dinner at the hotel. I remember they served some sausages, potatoes and free flow of hot chocolates.

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