December 7, 2023


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Best Western President Hotel New York Review

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Best Western President Hotel New York Review

My trip to New York was memorable. I stayed at Best Western President Hotel which is just a block away from the beautiful Times Square. It is located at 234 West 48th Street, in between 7th and 8th avenue. Times Square is located at the 7th Avenue so the hotel is perfectly near and it is just opposite Crowne Plaza Hotel.

Do not expect anything spectacular on this hotel. The design and décor is a bit old and it is just next to a Chinese restaurant. I didn’t have any problems staying there, just that they were repairing the elevators at that time. The room was decent nothing spectacular, I stayed 3 nights there.

The main advantage of Best Western President Hotel is the convenience. I spent most of my evenings at Times Square which is less than 2 minute walk from the hotel. The rates were reasonable as well. In fact, I recommend it to my younger brother when he went there for Christmas a few years ago.

The hotel is definitely a good choice for budget traveler. I don’t mind staying there again if I would go to New York. If you are a fancy traveler, this is not ideal for you.

Best Western President Hotel New York Address and Map:

234 West 48th Street

New York, NY 10036-1424, United States

(212) 246-8800

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  1. I had a very unpleasant experienceonce at a Best Western Hotel in Toronto. The toilet flushed the bathroom, they wouldn’t accept company credit cards and other things that just went from bad to worse. Since then I’ve avoided the brand all together.

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