May 31, 2023

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Horrible Wedding Dinner @ Crowne Plaza Hotel (Oct 08)

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It took me a while whether to blog about this. Well, I decided that this is the right time.

I attended a friend’s wedding in October in Crowne Plaza Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. It was a lunch wedding. It was a lovely wedding until the food came out.

I’m not a person that loves to create trouble. But sometimes, trouble come and find me. What happened was the food was served and I asked about the wine from one of the waiter.

The waiter replied… “We will serve the wine after the prawn. You know “udang”, “udang” u know?” The waiter answered rudely.

Everyone on the table was very offended. How can a hotel like Crowne Plaza Hotel had services like this?

Another thing was they hired African part timers. Firstly, I have nothing against Africans but they couldn’t even cut a fish properly. It was a sign of improper training.

Then, other tables were served with wine except us. We were upset and complained it to the manager (since we asked for it first). The best part was, after we complained nobody served us! I had to even go to pour my own tea!! And they were seen cleaning wine glasses off the boxes using dry clothes only without cleaning it with water. God knows were there cockroaches in the boxes.

This was the quality of 5 Star Hotel!

From that time onwards, I told myself, this hotel is really hopeless! I would NEVER host my wedding banquet in Crowne Plaza Hotel and do advise anyone on my experiences.

I do not want my guests to be offended with amateur services like Crowne Plaza Hotel.


Jln Sultan Ismail
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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