December 7, 2023


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Yong Tau Fu at Lorong Peel Off Jalan Peel, Cheras

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A hidden place in Cheras I would say. This place has been a while and quite famous for its yong tau fu.

Located at Lorong Peel, a small wooden house converted to a yong tau fu stall, this place is at the same row with Sekolah Yaacob Latiff.

They are commonly busy during lunch time. Without air conditioned, the place could be a bit hot.


It has been a while since I went there. We ordered some meat balls and fried taufu. Somehow, they changed to a smaller size taufu. The previous was much better.


For white taufu, it was good. The mixed meat filling was a mixture of fish, pork meat and a bit of salted fish.


The fried yong tau fu was good either especially the fried dumplings. However, I do noticed that the fillings has shrunk a bit. Fried stuffs are always better?


Their fried foo chuk is the best of all. A small layer of mixed meat fillings fried with foo chuk to golden brown color. Every bite can feel the crispiness of the skin. Beware, this is very ADDICTIVE!

A piece was around RM 0.70 if not mistaken. In general, the food was good, but it was better in the past.

It a place worth a visit. Finding the place could be an issue.

Lorong Peel, Off Jalan Peel,

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