October 3, 2023


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Famous Claypot Lou Shee Fan at Seng Kee Jalan Sultan (Petaling Street)

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Where to eat after clubbing at wee hours? Seriously, at 2 am or 3am, where to eat in KL? I mean really good food. Thanks to my client, I found this place.

This is a real street food. Need to sit at roadside and park at the roadside. The roadside was crowded with double park cars, just moments for the police patrol car to chase the double parkers away.


We sat one of the tables without light. We were in complete darkness. The waiter came really fast and took our orders. It was around 3 am and we were really hungry.


The hokkien mee came first. It was really good. I’m not sure whether we were too hungry or the hokkien mee was really so good. We practically emptied the plate in minutes.


The siew yuk mee was next. The siew yuk (roast pork) was deep fried to super crispy and stir fried with the noodle. This was really good as well. Recommendable!


Lastly, the famous claptop lou shee fan. The portion was huge! Personally, I think the lou shee fan was ordinary. Probably, I’m not a lou shee fan lover. Yet, the taste and the aroma is there. Its just my personal subjective view.

In general the food was good. I preferred the hokkien mee and the siew yuk mee. The place is roadside so it could be very dark and hot. The price was slightly higher than usual places. The total bill came to around RM 50++. Well, its past midnight, so I felt the price justified. Service was good.

A good place for supper!


Name card picture copied from Rebecca.

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