June 6, 2023

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Popular Mixed Rice at Restoran Makanan Sun Gee Taman Muda, Cheras

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There’s a stretch in Taman Muda is popular known as “wai sek kai” (food street). It started with a few stalls illegally decade ago and the previous local council decided to legalise this stalls.

There’s a lot of mixed rice restaurants in this stretch. At least 3-5 restaurants. Judging by the crowd, me, Andy, Ming and Yang decided to try the mix rice at Restoran Sun Gee for lunch.

Check out the crowd!

Look at the varieties of foods. Definitely more 50 dishes.

I wouldn’t say the mixed rice was superbly amazing but they were definitely good. Soup and Chinese tea was free. Mine cost around RM 5.00 ++. I would consider reasonable price. I loved the different varieties of dishes available, so many to choose. Parking could be a bit of hassle during lunch time and dinner time.

Same row with Taman Muda 7-Eleven

4 thoughts on “Popular Mixed Rice at Restoran Makanan Sun Gee Taman Muda, Cheras

  1. Thank you for posting all these Eating Places…
    This mixed rice stall is my top choice whenever my mom (and everyone in my home) doesn't feel like cooking dinner 😛
    I think they closed on the 1st and 15th of lunar calender.


  2. i went there on the 12-12-09 for dinner. nothing to shout about cause it’s normal to me, my friends and my family

  3. hhmm i live around there. but my choice of mix rice is actually a kopitiam nearby the morning market. taste so much better, much more expencive, but worth it. itd recommend the night food court for the bak kut teh!!!! (if youre a fan of klang bak kut teh (sweet sort) then drop it)

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