October 2, 2023


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Fresh Steamed Crabs @ Super Crab Aroma Seafood Restaurant

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This is my second visit to this restaurant. I didn’t blog about my first visit as I wasn’t happy with it. It wasn’t so much about the food quality, more to the $$$.

Anyways, it was a gathering and my friend suggested this place, Super Crab Aroma Seafood restaurant for dinner. The place is well air conditioned and parking was not an issue.

stir fried vege

Stir Fried Mix Vege (RM 15) was came first. The mixture of lady’s finger, “petai” and brinjal was decent.


We ordered half bird of roast spring chicken for RM 19. It was decent but portion was too small. Personally, I felt the chicken was too pricey and I was shocked to see the bill.


The fresh steamed crabs with eggs was the star of the night. The 1.5kg of crabs cost us RM 95.40. The crabs were amazingly fresh. To steam it with egg was an excellent choice. The crabs were amazing, but also amazingly pricey.

The crabs were excellent, other than that, the rest was just decent. Service was good but the foods were pricey.

Crabs were recommended but do watch out the price tags.


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