December 7, 2023


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My Second Run @ New Balance Pacesetters 15km Run 2009, Lake Garden

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Last Sunday, I went for the Pacesetters New Balance 15km run at Lake Garden. My second marathon in this year and it was my first 15km run in whole 31 years old life.

I tagged along Tony for this run. Together 3 of us reached Lake Garden around 6.30 am. After finding a parking spot, I realized something is wrong. They got me 2 sizes smaller T-shirt. I got a M size shirt. After putting on the shirt, I look like a fat dude on a tight shirt with belly popping out. Well, I don’t care anyways.

At the moment we reached the starting point, we heard the race horn. Me and Tony rushed to the pack and started running. The ladies who will be starting 15 min later, started to cheer for the men. Everyone was so excited.


There were lots of people who joined this race. The first few km was tough. It was uphill all the way. From there, I started to drop to the back of the pack. This was tougher than the KL City day run. For some stupid reasons again, I didn’t train for this run.

By the moment we left Lake Garden area,I spotted quite a number of ladies runners. Even though they started 15 min later, some of them starting to run past me. Trust me, this time around there were lots of hot chicks. Yet, I couldn’t catch up with them. In my heart, I would only say… “wait for me…..”

So the theory about fat men running for hot chick is just a myth. BUSTED.

I started to walk and sprint again. I kept pushing myself. It wasn’t easy. It was a mental battle. Rachel also caught up with me. She tried to push me to run but I left not much energy in me. I couldn’t keep up with her. My foot felt like breaking apart. Even though with the new NIKE running shoe, the pain started to be unbearable. I could felt my muscles aching on the calf and the thigh area. My shirt was soaked with my sweat but thank god no tears.

I told myself I must complete this race. I kept on going.

My time actually improved. I ran around 1hr 48 min for 10 km. Big improvement than the 2 hr plus I did at KL City Day Run.

After passing the 2nd water station, I was determined to finish the race. By the moment I saw the Lake Garden entrance, I paced myself up. I thought the finishing was near. Strangers cheering for me. “You can do it, its just a bit more”….

Then, I heard “Fei Chai (Fatty), run run!!” It turned out to be that idiot was a long lost friend of mine. That was encouraging, huh.

The closing line was never been near. There was like another 2km before the finishing. I slowed down a bit, started to walk again. By the last 100m, I sprinted to the finishing line.

By 2 hour 45 min, I finally finished the race. It was much tougher than I expected. I was sitting, panting for another 30 min. Tony and Rachel were there. They helped me getting my drinks.

I enjoyed the race. Even though as tough as it is. It was fun. We went straight for 1hr foot massage after that.

I’m happy that I’m able to complete the 15 km marathon. I would be joining the Standard Chartered Marathon next month. See you guys there.

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