February 5, 2023

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The Siemens 10km Run 2009 Experience

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The Siemens 10km Run 2009 Experience

Last Sunday, I was given a number by a friend to run. It was for the Siemens 10km Run. I thought I would miss that run as I didn’t manage to sign up on time.

Few things unexpectedly happened before the run. On Saturday, I went to Melaka for a half day food crawl and a friend’s surprise party. I went back home around 1 am and I woke up on 6 am for the run. I was exhausted!

Luckily, we managed to reach on time for the run. The starting route was quite identical to KL City Day Run. I didn’t manage to warm up so I started slow and easy. I walked for the first 3-4 km and later on I started to make short sprints. Rachel from beginning was already far ahead of me.

I’m quite used to walking and running alone. Normally, I would pick someone to chase. This time, a young couple. Every time, I ran across them I will slow down to walking pace and they would overtake me.

When reaching the last 3km, they thought I was far behind. They were so wrong, I was trailing them. I overtook them this time and they didn’t have a chance to overtook me again.

I promised myself I would improve my time and I did. I did a 1 hour 40 min for 10 km. 2 minutes better than Standard Chartered Run. Rachel did a 1 hour 15 min, a big improvement from the previous run.

I haven’t sign up for Adidas King of the Road yet. I’m not sure whether I will be running there as well. Still considering….

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