June 6, 2023

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I won a Digital Camera @ Kalau Keju, Mesti Kraft Media Launch

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We were also entertained with a sketch that was a combination of drama and musical. It was really good, never had something like this before. Good One!

Later on, they had some games for the media. To my surprise, I was the first to be called out. Playing against another 2 contestants, we were supposed to stack the burger with Kraft Cheese and try to finish it within 2 minutes.

Somehow, I managed to win it! I could really believe it! Even though it’s just a digital camera, I was over the moon for it.

A Kraft’s representative presenting the camera to me…

A group picture with Sidney of BigBoysOven.com, Pinkporkchop and me…

I gave the camera to my wife Rachel. She opened it and she loved it. It’s a Samsung L100 digital camera. Coincidentally, its pink! Rachel is using it now for her own food hunts.

Thanks Kraft Malaysia and Kelly for the invitation. Really appreciate it!

6 thoughts on “I won a Digital Camera @ Kalau Keju, Mesti Kraft Media Launch

  1. hahahahahha CK Lam, you should have seen live how SUPERwilson ate his triple kraft burger lol!

  2. Congrats on winning the camera! I was invited too, but unfortunately could not make it as it was a working day :-S Looked like a fun event!

  3. hitomi: tq

    cklam: hope to see u soon

    bbo: dun show…

    pure glutton: hope to see u again

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