July 21, 2024


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Kuchai Lama’s Hidden Good Food @ Restoran 88

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steamed fish

Lastly we had the steamed fish with fook chew style! Fish was fresh and it was steamed to the right timing. Yet, some might find the sauce slightly “too flavoury” for a steamed fish. I loved this and personally I felt it was tasty.

In general, the food was good and the service was okay. Place was not air conditioned and the pricing was very reasonable. I found a great place to dine good food in Kuchai Lama!

Address and map is below.






0 thoughts on “Kuchai Lama’s Hidden Good Food @ Restoran 88

  1. The food there's good. You should try out their Hot Plate Seafood. It comes with either a combination of Squids and Prawns OR you can order just one item. Try it.

  2. bbo: good and "cost effective" foods

    jehzeel: ya… thanks for dropping by

    jojo: will go there again next time… thanks for the recommendations

    foodbin: oh you been there? I agree with u, pork was porky pork nice…

  3. The price of food is reasonable, but the price of rice (RM1.50) and Chinese Tea (RM1) are a little above average, I suppose. 😛

  4. Just come back from dinner at this restaurant after reading the comment. Some food is good & cheap. We like the steam fish. Taste different from normal steam fish. Only cost RM26 for the fish. But the prawn is expensive, RM50+. If without the prawn, the bill only come to RM90 for 7 px. Worth eating!! Thanks for the recommendation.

  5. hey guys where’s exactly the resto is?i stay i dynasty garden condo,is it far from there?is it near to FGA(the church)?thx 🙂

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