March 23, 2023

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10 New Dishes @ Din Tai Fung,The Gardens

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Spicy shrimp pork wanton was next. Wanton with a handsome of fillings with pork and shrimp went well with the spicy sauce. This is good for spicy lovers especially Xin of

Fish dumpling was nicely done with a shape similar to fish. However, I still prefer meat fillings than the fish fillings. Just a personal preference.

Cong You La Mian was good. The taste was heavily flavoured by “cong you” (onion oil) and it blended well with la mian.

Glass noodle soup with beancurd was somehow not my cup of tea. Reason being was I loved dry noodles, just my personal preferences. The rest loved this, except me.

Dry mustard green la mian was another surprise factor to me. I would expect sour taste like I tried somewhere else before. Well, I was wrong.

The taste was much lighter than I expected and personally, I loved it. This was the more preferred la mian of the two I tried.

Lastly, the desserts came! Firstly was the red bean dumpling. Generous with red bean fillings, this best eaten while it’s hot!

The mini sesame buns were the last food we tried. Like the red bean dumplings, the fillings generously came with huge amount of black sesame. This was good!

Thank you, the gorgeous Ms. Lim for the invitation. We had a pleasant lunch and it was lovely to chat with the rest of the food bloggers.

In general the food was good. Food served were in high quality. Place was usually packed during lunch time and dinner time. Please booked the table to avoid disappoinment!

The new menu:

ef=”[email protected]/3895302626/” title=”DTF_E-Menu1 by grandmax8888, on Flickr”>

Lot LG-207, Lower Ground Floor
The Gardens, Mid Valley City
Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 603-22832292

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