March 24, 2023

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Best Kolo Mee at Sin Yong Hin Cafe,新荣兴茶室, Kuching, Sarawak

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Best Kolo Mee at Sin Yong Hin Cafe,新荣兴茶室, Kuching, Sarawak
We went for a short holiday in Kuching on the Merdeka weekend. It was our first time traveling to Kuching and state Sarawak. As expected, we were greeted by the warmth of friendly Sarawakians.

To start off with our holiday, we went to Kuching’s most famous noodle, the kolo mee. The kolo mee is also known as dried noodle and it is one of the unique local foods in Sarawak in our must-try list.

We went to the Sin Yong Hin Café with the recommendations of our friends.

We had Ronald and Michelle hosting us for the first day. Thanks to them, we went to various popular food places in Kuching.

The kolo mee stall is run by an old couple. The old man kept telling me please do not blog about his place because he didn’t want to be popular. Maybe he was a bit embarrassed because he was half naked wearing his apron.

The kolo mee is priced at RM 4.00 (US$ 1.3) and the special kolo mee (with seafood) is priced at RM 5.00 (US$ 1.6). We ordered the special one. The kolo mee was tasty. It came with pork intestines, minced pork, prawns and topped with spring onions. Well, it was tasty! We had two bowls of it each!
Hence, that was a good start for our holiday in Kuching and we were looking forward for more good food!
Sin Yong Hin Cafe,新荣兴茶室 Address:
Lot 136, Section 54, Jalan Petanak (opposite Verinice and the former FryDays)

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