November 29, 2023


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Foo Chow Kampua Noodle at Top One Food Court, Kuching

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Foo Chow Kampua Noodle at Top One Food Court, Kuching

Everyone knows about Ko Lo Mee when you talk about Kuching. Yet, many might not know what’s Foo Chow Kampua Noodle. We managed to try it when we were in Kuching.

Just a day before I left to Kuching, my mum told me to remember to meet my uncle in Kuching. As forgetful as I am always, I almost forgot that I have an uncle in Kuching. Geez, he would be so upset when he read this.

As we met him during the last day of our trip, my uncle drove us to a food call called Top One Food Court.



The place was still busy even though past the usual breakfast crowd. The food court is popular with its Sarawak laksa (which I will blog about it later) and apparently, my uncle told me the Foo Chow Kampua Noodle there also not bad.


The Foo Chow Kampua Noodle Stall…


Though it looked like the usual Ko Lo Mee, don’t deceived by its look.


Look carefully, it only comes with “char siew” (roasted pork). The taste slightly differs than the usual Ko Lo Mee. The Foo Chow Kampua Noodle lacked the vinegar that the usual Ko Lo Mee has. The taste was similar to a “longkang” (drain) noodle we had in Tampin, Melaka (Malacca) years ago. That was the feeling and the taste I could describe. Topped with the chopped spring onions, Foo Chow Kampua Mee could very addictive like the Ko Lo Mee!

Personally, I liked the taste of the noodle. To me its quite decent, yet it depends on personal preferences on this.

For RM 2.50-RM 3.50, could we ask for more?

Thanks Uncle Ng for bringing us for such a lovely meal!

Top One Food Court,
Ang Cheng Ho, Kuching, Sarawak

0 thoughts on “Foo Chow Kampua Noodle at Top One Food Court, Kuching

  1. Looks just like kolo! But the selling point of kolo for me has always been the vinegar element so not sure if I'd feel as strongly about this! Can't wait to see the laksa post!

  2. sigh everyones been talking abt kolo mee la..kampua noodle now la..

    i want to try some too!

  3. lisa: not really eh… similar to ko lo mee, minus the vinegar

    simon: yeah, huai bin's more original i guess, from sibu

    nafets: thanks

    ai wei: ok la, quite decent

    jason: haha maybe you r right

    550ml: this one using pork lard more

    BBO: a bit too late de

    christine: yeah, u shud

    joe: at least not ko lo everytime right?

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