January 29, 2023

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A few Sundays ago, we were invited for a Bridal Fair in Rennaissance Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. We were joined by our usual “suspects” aka our lovely BFF, Missmynx and AgentK.

We went to Carven Ong’s collections and found Big Boys Oven’s cake by chance.

Then, we bumped to Carven Ong.

Rachel first impression to Carven was...”Wah, u so handsome!!!”
Carven laughed it off and said.. “I’m old already, no more handsome”.

Know you understand how Rachel flirts in front of me, sigh…

We had a good conversation with Carven, as Rachel kept on asking for discounts.

Thanks to Star Red Fm, we got our free tickets for the catwalk. Yeah, catwalk, bridal version…

First show was from Allan Couture, picture as follows:

Models with Allan, the designer…

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