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Malaysia International Gourmet Festival MIGF 2009 with Al-Amar, The Lebanese Cuisine at Pavilion

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While waiting for the main dishes, we were served assorted nuts and fresh carrots.

Little did I know that Lebanon produce wine. To be exact, lovely rose wine. The Myst de Chateau Kefraya 2007 cost around RM 150++ per bottle. One of the best rose wine I ever tasted.


Moutabal, Labneh Btoum, Hommos Bi Lahme

Moutabal was a delicious dip made of mashed egg plant with tahina. Taste for this would be slightly strong and it was quite unique. This went very well with the Lebanese bread (picture below).

Labneh Btoum was a lovely homemade Lebanese cream cheese mixed with garlic and topped with olive oil. This is a must for cheese lovers.

Hommos Bi Lahme was the combination of mashed chick pea and tahina dip topped with butter fried meat and lemon juice. The taste might be slightly different and strong but trust me, personally I felt this was addictive.

Kebbeh Kras, Beef Sambousik, Cheese Rolls

Beef Sambousik was the flour dough stuffed with minced meat. It resemblanced the usual curry puffs.

Kebbeh Kras was the minced beef meat stuffed in a pine seed dough with onions and garlic.

Cheese Rolls was the fried pasty stuffed with homemade Lebanese cheese. Sinfully addictive, a must for cheese lovers.


Chich Tawouk, Kafta, Lahem Mechwe,Grilled Jumbo Prawns

Chich Tawouk was the grilled chicken breast marinated in garlic and special parsley and onions. Personally, I felt this was the best chich tawouk I ever had. Chicken was tender and wasn’t over grilled. Lovely stuff!

Kafta was the minced lamb meat mixed with parsely and onions. This was not the usual kebab and it was tasty.

Lahem Mechwe was the grilled beef tenderloin marinated with Al-Amar special spices. I loved the spices kicked in together with the tender beef tenderloin.

Grilled Jumbo Prawns shouldn’t be explained more. The huge size jumbo prawns were served with roster and cocktail sauces

Lebanese bread was nicely done. It went well with the Mezze trio. Best eaten warm.


Lentil Soup
was nicely presented served with pita bread and lemon. The hearty concoction of ground lentils, potatos and onions were just as good as it gets.


Soujouk was the homemade marinated and fried spicy lamb sausages were amazingly tasty. I loved it wasn’t that spicy and the heavenly flavoured of the lamb sausages were memorable.

Makanek was the lesser devil of both. The homemade marinated and fried lamb sausages was equally good but lacked the punch of the spicy flavoured, Soujouk.


Mohalabieh Shots with Wild Honey and  Shaaybiyet

Mohalabieh Shots
with Wild Honey was the rose water and milk pudding served Lebanese wild honey. Not so sweet, the honey really tasted good. The milk pudding was nicely done.

Shaaybiyet was the Lebanese pastres stuffed with special cream and served with sugar water topping. Another unique dish that must be recommended.

Lebanese Coffee was my first very few Middle Eastern coffee. The amazing thing about Al-Amar was, you can chose the thickness of your coffee. I chose medium. Well, it tasted quite thick (which is common) and yet again unique.

Lebanese born Pierre Chahda spent sometime chatting with us. Though he looked young, he had more than a decade of working experience with him. Other than Lebanese cuisine, he enjoyed cooking Italian cuisine as well.

Group picture with Sidney and the rest.

Thank you Al-Amar for the generous invitation. The food was amazing and memorable.


Lot 6.10, Level 6, Pavilion

Tel: 03-2166 1011


(MIGF Menu Price)

RM 148++ per person with wine

RM 98++ per person without wine

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  1. Just a minor mistake on the blog … the rose wine is priced at RM 150++ BUT IT’S GOOOOOOOOOOD … cool, dry and fruity … a must have !!!

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