March 30, 2023

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Malaysia International Gourmet Festival MIGF 2009 with Prince Hotel’s Tai Zi Heen, “A Hong Kong Encounter”

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LEFT: Shredded Beef with Dried Tangerine Peel

The dried tangerine peel taste was something new. Like usual, I got mouthful with this. Lovely.

TOP: Wok-fried prawn with Asian Tomato and black sesame dressing

Wok-fried prawn with Asian Tomato and black sesame dressing was probably the most common taste out of the four. Yet, it was nicely done.

RIGHT: Steamed cod dumpling with crab meat glaze

Steamed cod dumpling with crab meat glaze would be my most preferred, out of the four. Cod fish was uberly fresh and the almost translucent dumpling skin was an art itself. The crab meat glaze was the surprise element was went well with the dumpling. I craved for more.

BOTTOM: Foie Gras Yam Puff

Foie Gras Yam Puff was a masterpiece work from the chef himself. The creative usage of foei gras for yam puff could be only to be appraised. Taste was unique.


A duo of duckling and organic yin choy broths with sun-dried seafood, prawn and hairy gourd was next. The Hong Kong imported hairy gourd was much different than our locals. The texture much harder than our locals. The broth was fragrantly enriched with the presence of sun-dried seafood and hairy gourd.


Honey and soya baked salmon with fragrant crab roe, soya beans, broad beans, honshimeji mushrooms and wolf berry (Kei Chi in Cantonese)  sauce

Never did I realize, the name for this dish is so long. Well, the salmon was baked indulged with the sweet honey and soya. The little things like soya beans, broad beans, honsimeji mushrooms and wolf berry compliments well with the fish.

Citrus Marinated Lamb Rack Roasted With White Sesame Seeds, Wok-fried Baby Cabbage, Fresh Lily Bulbs and a Spicy Minted Plum Sauce

I always wonder how did they do that? I mean the presentations of the food. Food is really a work of an art. The citrus marinated lamb rack was nicely done for us. Tastefully presentation, flavourly dish. The only thing was, we craved for more. Lamb rack.

Dan Mee With Soy-Braised Beef, Carrots, radish and leek topped with a splash of red wine

This was not the ordinary “Sang” mee or wantan mee. This is called dan mee or also known as dan dan mee. Quite popular in China and Taiwan. This little thing had a secret within.

The soy braised beef within the noodle. Together with the mixture of the red wine, one might wonder how lovely dan mee could be. Dan dan mee!


Chocolate Whiskey Siew Mai, Vanilla Ice Cream With Fresh Mango Puree, Sago and Pomelo and on the top is Crispy water chestnut spring roll

Lastly, the desserts. Chocolate whiskey siew mai was nicely done. One shall not missed the presence of the whiskey within.

Vanilla ice cream with the fresh mango puree, sago and pomelo was another masterwork from the chef. Nicely done.

Should I need to explain more about crispy water chestnut spring roll? It’s quite obvious there was no complaints except the many compliments to the feast we had.

I do look serious on food reviews sometimes.

Well, this was the group photo we took. Attendees include Big Boys Oven, Chris, Taufulou, Jess, Witch and Xin.

A great feast with irrestible wine was one to remember. The menu for MIGF expires 31st October, there’s still time for it. The dinner was amazing! Enough said.

Prince Hotel & Residence Kuala Lumpur Address:
Opposite Pavilion Kuala Lumpur
No.4 Jalan Conlay,
50450 Kuala Lumpur,
TEL: +603-2170 8888
FAX: +603-2170 8999

4 thoughts on “Malaysia International Gourmet Festival MIGF 2009 with Prince Hotel’s Tai Zi Heen, “A Hong Kong Encounter”

  1. Great post, u are so lucky to be invited to this wonderful restaurant 🙂
    Btw, ur profile photo very familiar, are you the winner for Ribena contest – a trip to Bali spa? Look great! All the ebest, do drop by my blog when u r online, thanks :
    .-= Iriene´s last blog ..REMINISCENCE – My First Time! =-.

  2. Christine: it was amazing

    Lotsofcravings: u r!

    Iriene: Sadly, im not the person who won the Ribena contest, wished I could though.

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