May 31, 2023

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Japanese Western La Yosh at Plaza Damas, Sri Hartamas

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*Written by Wilson Ng*

There’s not much Japanese Western food in Klang Valley. Only a few that I know of, La Yosh is one of them. Located at Plaza Damas, it is positioned directly opposite TGIF.

It’s a popular spot for dinner. A friend recommended this place to me before, but the silly girl forgotten the name.

This doesn’t look Malaysia to me! Love how they did the exterior.

The owner / chef is a big fan of antique. He spent some time designing his interior. The place looked amazing. A very vintage delicate touch.

Chef carefully “touching up” his food.

Without due, we started off with Salmon steak in Teriyaki sauce (RM17.90). Fish was nicely cooked and it blended well with the teriyaki sauce. Lovely.

Cold cha soba (RM9.80) was something new to me. Unlike the usual soba in the soup, this cold cha soba version generously covered with Japanese goma dressing, turkey ham, eggs and cucumber. The combination was uniquely tasty.

Salmon Au Gratin (RM18.90) was not just another salmon dish. This baked version of salmon fish topped with cheezy cheddar cheese was everyone’s favourite.

Oven – Baked Sea bass with Pesto Alla Genovese (RM16.90) was next. This was the third fish based dish and so far it was impressive. The baked sea bass was no exception. I noticed that the dishes so far was pretty healthy. Not much fried stuffs were introduced.Yet again, the fresh sea bass was baked in perfection. Topped with the pesto alla genovese, tomato based paste was another good recommendations.

When I mentioned about the healthiness, I probably mentioned too early. The next dish was the  Garlic XO Chicken (RM17.90). Garlic and XO? Well, it was an unique combination topped the fried chicken. Well, not to forget the chicken was still tender and not over fried. This was good.

Nagoya Fried Chicken (RM16.90) was probably the least unique dish of the night. Yet, the special sauce that compliment the dish did spice it up!

Curry Omu Rice (RM15.80) was impressive! The Japanese curry was nicely done. Please do bear in my mind that Japanese curry are very strong curry based flavoured. The fried rice wrapped with the thick omelette was a similarity with our local “Nasi Pattaya” but this was much more impressive.

Mentaiko (RM19.80) was next. Nicely done with baby clams, prawns and mushrooms. This was made dry.

Squid ink spaghetti (RM19.80) was my favourite! Not to mention how cheap they charged here!

Chicken teriyaki don (RM13.50) was probably another least unique dish but yet again, well done. Chicken was nicely done with teriyaki sauce and it was tasty.

Overall, it was quite a uniue experience we had. The Japanese Western title did live up to the expectation. Not to mention the good pricing and well decorated interior.

Lovely place, RECOMMENDED!


La Yosh Japanese Western
F-0-2 Plaza Damas
No. 60, Jln Sri Hartamas 1
50480 KL

Tel: 03 6201 8648
Fax: 03 6201 4648

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