March 31, 2023

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Carlsberg Party with FHM GND (Girls Next Door) by Junjun Riko

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Carlsberg Party with FHM GND (Girls Next Door) by Junjun Riko

Yesterday, we were invited for a private party courtesy of Carlsberg with FHM Magazine’s GND (Girls Next Door) by Jun Jun Riko. Riko won a Carlsberg contest earlier on to entitle her to invite 50 of her friends for this party. We were 2 of her 50 adored friends.

We reached Carlsberg Brewery at Shah Alam around 10pm. The crowd were already there and we didn’t waste any time to mingle around with friends.

How do you know your friends love you?

They ask you to do a beer drinking contest. Nice friends right? Well, as you can see I can’t really drink quick but I enjoyed the fun.

Like usual, the string of photo and camwhoring session will start at a party like this. Copykate, me, Hikaru and Jun Jun Riko.

Rachel enjoyed herself with her first Carlsberg of the night.

I guess it was wrong not to “shoot” the FHM GND. Hotties…

More hotties…

Another shot with 4 of them. Michelle Lee is on the furthest right.

Me and Rachel enjoying ourselves.

Rachel with the Carlsberg backdrop.

Told ya. Camwhoring session time! Bok, Rachel, Eu veng, JUn JUn Riko, Chris Tock and me.

The girls and Rachel.

The FHM GND (Guys Next Door)>> Bok, Jenkin Yat, me and Pink Pork Chop’s bro.

More FHM GND >> Yap Thomas, CincauHangus (Burnt Cincau), Hikaru, Rachel, Joshua Ong and me…

Buddy Jessica Tan and me!

FHM GND Michelle Lee and me.

Elisa, Rachel and me.

Well, both of us got selected for another cheering contest by Carlsberg. We were 2 of the 8, top 5 will get prizes.

Giving me the mic means one thing and one thing only….

… the route to victory! I won eventually. Thanks to the crowd! You guys rocked!!

Yeah, I won the Carlsberg Reebok Windbreaker Jacket (the guys forced me to wear this!). CopyKate and me.

Rachel and Seline… She enjoyed the party as well!

This was us as we leave the party. Full of gifts courtesy of Carlsberg.

Free flow beer, good food, great company and hot babes! Thanks to Jun Jun Riko and Carlsberg for throwing this party. We enjoyed ourselves and hope more to come! (hint hint)

Thanks for reading and have a marvelous weekend!

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