June 10, 2023

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*Written by Rachel Ting*

Our 2008 trip to Redang was a good one. It was actually Wilson’s first time to Redang Island. We didn’t stay at one of the top resorts, we opted for an average resort which was averagely good. Our package includes snorkeling trips to Redang Marine Park with the additional fee of RM 5 (US$ 1.8) only.

The island is well maintained, crowded by tourist but it was very clean. We were advised to snorkel around the island and it was indeed one of the best snorkeling site we’ve been.

It was Wilson in front and Angela (my sister) at the back.

Check out the Tiger Fish.

Up close and personal.

Feeding time, we brought some bread to feed the fish, they loved it!

There were also other different types of fish there. Can’t really name what fishes they were, but they were very colorful.

That’s us! Wilson and I!

Amazing, well preserved and beautiful corals.

Can you spot “Nemo” (clown fish) down there?

I bet you can spot the baby shark! Don’t worry, they won’t bite and attack humans. What a sight!

Check out the video of the school fish, awesome!

The colorful fish at Redang Marine Park. The moment underwater was so nice, cooling and stress free. Wish I could go there more often, hearts Redang Marine Park. Awesome!!

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