February 5, 2023

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Mercedes Benz Driving Experience 2010 – Sepang F1 International Circuit

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Mercedes Benz Driving Experience 2010 – Sepang F1 International Circuit

Fortnight ago, I received a call from my car dealer offering me a driving experience that I couldn’t resist – The Mercedes Benz Driving Experience 2010 at  Sepang F1 International Circuit. I was very excited as not only I’m going to drive different classes of Mercedes Benz but also I’m going to learn more about my Mercedes and also the safety features of it. It’s something that I would love to experience myself.

Reaching there on time, I was joined by other car owners and dealers. We were assigned to groups with top class professional instructors.We were given a talk about the technology of the safety features of Mercedes Benz.

Some of the highlights would be, the current generation of Mercedes Benz is using the 12th generation of ABS (Anti Braking System). Their first generation dated more than 20 years ago! Wow!

Before we even started, we took a group photo.

We were given a chance to drive the Mercedes Benz B Class – B170, C Class- 200k Avantgarde & 230 Avantgarde, E Class – Spanking new E-300, S Class – S300, R Class and also the M Class. Too bad they didn’t arrange any of the AMG series there, but we had fun. Check out the new E-300 on the picture above. It comes with a dual sunroof which is so cool. Not forgetting the LED lights at the bottom front bumper.

There were 8 exercises on that day. This was one of them, “ABS Braking and Swerving”. The experience was amazing. We were thought how to jam brake while swerving at the same time. This practice thought us how to avoid braking and ramming to a pillar or a tree. Great exercise.

The 12th generation ABS system is no fluke. The video demonstrates how Mercedes Benz ABS able to jam brake completely with a dry and wet surface on each tire. Awesome!

After all the 8 exercises, we were allowed to drive around the circuit for 4 laps. I was having so much fun during one of the laps as I was chasing the instructor. I went neck to neck with him with the Mercedes Benz C200K while he was driving the B170. If he would drive the same car with me, I had no chance.

The chief instructor later branded me “Crazy Driver” and he knew that I complained that I could go faster. I loved the Mercedes Benz Driving Experience 2010 and I met a few new friends too. Thank you Mercedes Benz Malaysia for the awesome invitation. I know how my car works now 100%!!

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  1. Hai Friends,
    Do you have photo collection for that events.
    because I am one of the participants, but i forget to bring my camera that day.

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