January 30, 2023

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iTalkWhoa Launch Event and Party by TM, Borneo Rainforest, Sunway

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CAMWHORE #3: Ren, Kellster, Spinzer and me

iTalkWhoa.com LIVE: A Blogger trying to use iTalkWhoa at the event. Good stuff!

HOT EMCEE: Emcee of the night, isn’t she’s hot and gorgeous?

VIP ON STAGE: VIP welcoming address and note to the crowd.

CAMWHORE #4: Radio DJ Shaz and me

Q&A SESSION: The team from iTalkWhoa took the stage for Q&A session.

CAMWHORE #5: Unidentified girl, Ken Chan, Mandy, Mee Yee, Taufulou and me

CAMWHORE #6: Simonso, Tallboyz, Rames, Jessica Tan, Jenkin Yat, Joshua Ong and me

CAMWHORE #7:  Rames, Amanda Choe and me

CAMWHORE #8: Bryanlyt, Spinzer, Miss Cheerio, CincauHangus, Curry Egg and me

EMO: Yap Thomas got emotional for no reason…
CAMWHORE #9: Ren, MissPhotoSlut, Frostier, xxx, Joshua, Thomas, Jenkin, CincauHangus, Jessica and me

CAMWHORE # 10: Eric Yong (hiding), Jac Jac and me

Thank you TM and iTalkWhoa for the amazing event and party. I had fun and it was really nice to meet so many bloggers and friends. I had great time catching up with them. Thanks again!

For more info about iTalkwhoa.com, please CLICK HERE.

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