February 5, 2023

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La Boca – Colourful & Stunning, ARGENTINA

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La Boca – Colourful & Stunning, ARGENTINA

La Boca, is one of the the must visit place in Buenos Aires, Argentina. This was told to me from a Malaysian that resides in Buenos Aires, Shakhira. We met in Florida Street before we  hop on to the Buenos Aires hop-on tour bus to go to La Boca.

La Boca is a neighbourhood in Buenos Aires. It has a very strong European influence due to the early settlers from Genoa, Italy. It has a long history involving with the European migrants here leads to La Boca today. Situated at the riverside, La Boca is also the home of the popular football club, Boca Juniors!

This picture shows one of the most popular places of La Boca, Havana Gaminito. It’s a restaurant and there are street performers such as tango dancers near the area. Many tourists are seen here taking with this background. One of the to-do list here.

Another significant thing that I noticed in La Boca are the colourful buildings.

Another picture of the colourful buildings of La Boca.

Striking and stunning colours of the La Boca building.

La Boca is also famous for its market. The market sells art paintings, souvenirs and La Boca merchandise. Make sure you bring enough money to shop there, there are quite a number of stalls in La Boca. Souvenirs such as fridge magnets, shirts and paintings are everywhere here. I bought a painting here. Yeah, not forgetting  the leather goods here are cheaper than Florida Street!  Awesome!

Graffiti and paintings like this is a common sight in La Boca.

The busy street in La Boca.

There are also quite a number of restaurants here offering live dance performances such as Tango dance. The food is quite good here and their prices are very reasonable! I had my lunch there.

Well, I did really enjoy La Boca. I spent a few hours touring the area and had my lunch there as well. A big thanks to friend, Shakira for accompanying me to there.I bought a few souvenirs as well as a painting and a few leather goods.

What to do in La Boca
Shopping! Souvenirs and leather goods are cheaper here. Not forget to mention that the Boca Juniors merchandise which has a lot of selections there.Restaurants here serve good food with good pricing. Some restaurants here offer live tango show, very entertaining.

How to get to La Boca
The best way to go to La Boca is to hop on to the taxi. But do make sure you take the Metered Taxi as stated on the door. There are cases of robbing involves with taxis, so please do careful with taxis in Buenos Aires.

The other way to go there is to by hopping on the daily Buenos Aires Hop-On Tour bus, from Florida Street. They have a schedule so that you can hop on back the bus to Florida Street.

5 thoughts on “La Boca – Colourful & Stunning, ARGENTINA

  1. I’ve always been amazed by La Boca’s vivid colours though I never visited the place when I was in Buenos Aires last time though I bought the Boca Juniors Cap and T-Shirt. Thanks for sharing the pics and bringing back memories.


  2. If you let me i’m going to make a correction and a advice:

    *Those “graffitis” are not actually graffitis, it’s art made by recognised artists and if you go with your spray paint trying to leave your mark you’ll ruin a real piece of art

    *If you want to buy leather goods, Florida St is not the place and neither La Boca neighbourhood.. Try going to Murillo St, it’s located in a traditional immigrant neighbourhood called Villa Crespo about 5 kilometers west of downtown and in that street you’ll find more leather products and more options because that is the so called “leather street”, that means you’ll find leather shops one next to another in both sides of the street for several blocks, the result of such rivalry for customer is traduced in good prices.

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