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Humpback Whale Pictures from Antarctica: 2010 Patagonia-Antarctica Adventure

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Humpback Whale Pictures from Antarctica: 2010 Patagonia-Antarctica Adventure

It took me ages to sort this out. Finally, I got the story of the Antarctica trip from 4×4 World Explorer are veterans in organising long distance 4×4 expedition-styled adventure vacations. Since 1992 they have covered the continents of Asia, Europe, Middle East, Africa and the Americas. In January, I joined them for a trip of my lifetime, venturing Patagonia of Argentina. The whole trip was inclusive of 11 days cruise of Antarctica. However, due to my busy schedule, sadly I didn’t make it to the Antarctica.
The group went there and had one of the best trips in their life. Let me share with you the pictures of the humpback whales they captured during their 7-8 days cruise near the Antarctica Peninsula. Pictures are as below.

Humpback whale emerges from the sea: Check out the birds

Humpback whale doing a back flip

Twin tail dancing? Two whales swimming side by side

Up, close and personal with the whales

Did the whale just yawn? Kidding!

Pictures are credits of and guests of Clipper Adventurer.

Antarctica is one of the most remote areas on Earth. Most of the wildlife in Antarctica is unharmed and undisturbed due to its remoteness. Whale hunting used to be active in Antarctica ages ago. However, as whale hunting is banned, most of the whale species are unharmed and protected from humans.

Look out for more upcoming adventures from at They will be traveling in Brazil and other parts of South America in June 2010.

I hope you love the pictures. Thank you for reading.

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  1. Hi,
    I am about to travel to Argentina next month, do you know what’s the time (local time) I will arrive in Buenos Aires if I take the flight from Malaysia Airlines?

    1. Check your ticket, you should reach there late afternoon. Please be careful on your belongings, Buenos Aires is famous for pick pockets.

    1. Go to Florida Street, look for the Hop On Bus. Buy the 2 days pass, its worth it. Get the FREE MAP at the tourist center as well, the counter for the HOP ON bus is just beside it. It’s near the Starbucks, Florida Street. Go there early, its more worth it.

      Go to La Boca, and walk around the tourist area. Walk out of the tourist area, u might get mugged.

      I didn’t manage to go to China Town, and do visit Evita Peron’s tomb and also the Puerto Madero.

      Have fun and learn a bit of Spanish. Girls there are hot.

  2. I am speechless seeing those pictures. What an experience it must have been!!!!
    Humpbacks are known to have the longest annual migration of any mammal. They travel from the Antarctic Peninsula south of Cape Horn, across the Equator to Columbia or even Mexico.

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