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Plane Views: Beautiful City of Cape Town, SOUTH AFRICA

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Plane Views: Beautiful City of Cape Town, South Africa

I heard stories about the beautiful city of Cape Town, South Africa by fellow friends and travelers. Never that I would thought of I could have a view of it.

The Beach ‘n The Sea: The reflections of the morning sunlight was surreal

My journey from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to Buenos Aires, Argentina had a 2 hours transit at Cape Town, South Africa. Like most people, I could only imagine South Africa with wild animals and safari. For the ladies, South Africa will be like a diamond haven.

My interest of taking pictures from the airplane caught the attention of the chief flight attendants of MAS (Malaysia Airlines). A conversation followed and he arranged a seat at business class for me as the economy class window seating were full. My apologies that I forgot his name but his friendliness showed why Malaysia Airlines won the Best Cabin Crew Awards in countless times.

Beautiful Island: This is located off the beach of Cape Town, South Africa, it looks similar like the island from the movie, “King Kong”
One of the most important places to look for was the Table Mountain in Cape Town. It was a cloudy morning that day and thank god, I managed to picture the mountains clearly in the pictures.

Table Mountains: The beautiful mountains in the background are the beautiful Table Mountains of Cape Town

Well, I might not be able to go to the Table Mountain, but the picture is good enough for me. Many of my friends asked me why I did not stop over at Cape Town. To be frank, the main reason I didn’t stop over at Cape Town was due to budget constraints and also time constraints. I was away for a month from work so I couldn’t accommodate any stop over.

Shadow within the city: Can you spot the shadow of the Malaysia Airlines airplane?

Every experience is unique. Hope to go to Cape Town one day for holiday.

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    1. Hi Thristan,

      I transit there on two occasions but didn’t really venture South Africa. We hope to go there for a proper holiday one day.



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