June 3, 2023

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The Tribute to the Queen: The Victoria Fountain of Malacca

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The Tribute to the Queen: The Victoria Fountain of Malacca

A gift for the Queen remains in the heart of Malacca for centuries. Malacca once ruled by the British from 1826 to 1946, for more than 100 years. For the remembrance of the late Queen Victoria Regina, the Malaccans erected the fountain in 1901 coinciding with the Diamond Jubilee. A Diamond Jubilee is a celebration to mark a 60th anniversary of the reign of the King or Queen.

The Victoria Fountain: Dedicated to the late Queen of the Great British Empire in 1901

Located just in front of the Christ Church and also the Stadthuys, the Victoria Fountain has been part of the icon of Malacca. The scene is almost in every post card, catalogue or books that symbolized Malacca. Listed in the Unesco Heritage site in 2008, Malacca is known as the historical city of Malaysia. The uniqueness of Malacca is it has been ruled by different colonial powers such as the Portuguese, the Dutch and the British. Today, the fountain still stands tall and looks new though it has been around for more than a century.

Victoria Regina 1837-1901, Erected by the people of Malacca in memory of a Great Queen -1904

The Victoria Fountain of Malacca is not just a tribute to the late Queen, but also an important artifact of the British colonial era in the past. Its existence is important for the history of Malacca and Malaysia.

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