January 27, 2023

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A Visit to Resorts World Sentosa Casino in Sentosa Island, SINGAPORE

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A Visit to Resorts World Sentosa Casino in Sentosa Island, SINGAPORE

It was probably in the 1990s or way back to the 1980s. That was probably the last time I was in Sentosa Island. Rachel was beside me saying “I went to Sentosa when I was in Primary Six, yay and I also went to Haw Par Villa!” I guess writing this at 1.48 am with her bugging me around wasn’t that bad idea after all. Rachel was right, Sentosa Island and Haw Par Villa was the greatest Singapore attractions back then. Now, it’s a whole new world.
My last visit to Singapore a few months ago was pretty exciting. It was a media launch coverage and met a couple new media friends. We planned to pay a short visit at the Resort World’s casino in Sentosa Island for the casino. The rest were like me, haven’t been to Sentosa for monkey years. I loved to play some of the Casino Games while the rest never played once, seriously! Together we took a taxi from hotel to Sentosa.

Like kids going to fun fare or Disneyland, we were pretty excited as we crossing the bridge to Sentosa. Back then we need to take ferry, now we can drive across or take the cable car.
The whole resort looks good from far.

Then, the taxi went into the parking area?

Oh no, the grand entrance is in the some sort of the parking area environment. Well, I’m not sure about this, but the grand entrance wasn’t that grand at all.

So then we walked in, it was much better. The ceiling was high and it had a resemblance with Genting Highland’s First World. Of course, the Resort World looks much better.

Well, it was my first time to a Singapore casino so I was pretty excited, until I forgot I was carrying a huge DSLR bag and tried to enter with it. Well, I had to deposit my bag in the locker area.

For foreigners like me, to enter the casino is free. However for Singaporeans they have to SGD 100 per entry or SGD 2000 for per year entrance pass. This is to discourage Singaporeans to gamble.

Intan couldn’t help posing in front of the casino

The entrance to the casino was highlighted with an amazing Lamborghini car. A big sign says “Zoom of with this jackpot”. That was really encouraging!
As we walked in, we can see the beautiful Resort World’s casino. It looks like an upgraded version of Genting Highlands, the resemblance was there. I lost a bit on the slot machine and we hanged out at the live band area before we back for supper. Slot machine was really hard to play, should have played on the tables, well maybe next time!

We went to the grand entrance underground place again to take the taxi back. There were a lot of taxis there. A chat with the taxi driver revealed that a young French tourist won millions in slot machine a few months back and also a Malaysian won a few hundred thousand a few weeks back. I told the taxi driver “I should have come earlier, it could have been me!”
Well, if it’s only could be that easy!
Thanks for reading.

Resorts World Sentosa is an integrated resort on the island of Sentosa, off the southern coast of Singapore. The S$6.59 billion (US$4.93 billion) integrated resort is developed by Genting International, the overseas investment arm of the Genting Group – Wikipedia.org

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  1. it could have been me also right? i went sentosa few months ago too! 😛 only passed by the casino but i did not enter

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