June 9, 2023

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Indulged and Pampered: The Oasis Spa Pattaya, THAILAND

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Indulged and Pampered: The Oasis Spa Pattaya, THAILAND

I have not been to Pattaya for more than 10 years. Despite the massive growth of Pattaya in recent years, many travelers are still new to this exciting place. To travel from Bangkok, it is only around 2 hours on the road. With so many comfortable vans available, traveling to Pattaya has never been easier.
My recent visit to Pattaya brought me to a spa experience to the Oasis Spa, Pattaya. Located at the south of Pattaya, Oasis Spa is located on the Chateau Dale estate on top of Big Buddha Hill on Thappaya Road in between Jomtien Beach and south Pattaya. Arranged by tour, my friends and I were there for a treat.

The entrance of the spa: The surprise is behind this arch
As the van stopped at the entrance, it wasn’t that big deal. However, as I walked into the yard, it was a different experience.

“Lanna-style” decorations with the beautiful garden

The place was well “Lanna-style” decorated and there were servicing staffs waiting for us at the door.

Sawadeekup: Pretty lady waiting to greet us

I loved how the decorated the waiting area with little things like this.

The fragrant oil to be used for our massage therapy: Top quality

This white cloth wrapped “thing” will be heated up and used for during the massage session, it felt so good.

Everyone was having fun at the waiting area while writing down our massage requirements on paper. With towels and drinks prepared for us, we were well served.

The stairs to our spa rooms: Loved how they used the candles to create the comfortable ambience
After we filled in our requirements and selected our spa packages, we were brought to the upper level. We were shown to our rooms.

The room was well temperature, clean and comfortable. I changed on the given expandable “underwear”, I was glad I managed to fit in nicely.
The masseur then came in covered us with towels and the rest was history (means it was wonderful). I felt asleep under the soft music and the skillful hands of the masseur.
When I wake up, only to realize that it has already 2 hours. With my body covered with oil, I went to the bathroom for shower. Bathroom was spacious and clean, trust me I hate dirty bathrooms!

This was so far one of the best spa packages I’ve experienced. The people there did a wonderful job on the whole place, the skillful masseur and the great services of the front desk staffs. Everyone was left with a smile on the face and also hefty tips to the deserving masseurs.

This award winning Oasis Spa is a well added addition as one of the pampering attractions in Pattaya. The spa package was exclusive and it was worth it.

The Oasis Spa Pattaya Address and Contact:

322 ( Chateau Dale )
Tappraya Rd. Jomtien
Tel: +66(0)38-364-070
URL: OasisSpa.net

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  1. Great blog, nice pictures and resourceful. This seem very nice spa in Pattaya. i absolutely make time to visit soon. Thanks

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