June 1, 2023

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Real Bangkok Experience: The Red Shirt Protest Aftermath – June 2010, THAILAND

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Real Bangkok Experience: The Red Shirt Protest Aftermath – June 2010, THAILAND

A few months ago, Thailand stole the headlines around the world with the red shirt protestors in Bangkok. However, the conflict was well over. One of the most prominent stories of the whole saga is the damaged building of Central World. As many still fear about the safety in Bangkok, well rest assured, Bangkok has not been safer now.

Street Food Stalls: Check out the size of the fish balls

I was invited as a  part of a media group from Malaysia to Bangkok by Tourism Authority of Thailand recently.

Promoters at Neptune IT Mall

As many were worried about Central World, I was brought there to see the impact of the fire created by the protestors. Now, they are renovating the shopping complex for the better. It will be expected to open next year.

Buddhists praying near Central World: It was crowded

For my days in Bangkok, it was usual fun with new found friends. We went to China town and several night spots in Bangkok and what can I say? It is always good to back to the Land Of Smiles, Thailand.

Stalls at China Town Bangkok

I enjoyed my stay there and personally with my heartfelt words, Bangkok is a safe place to travel and they are recovering fast. The airport is still busy as usual and the hotels are coping fast. This is due to the hard work of the Thai government, the Thais and the Tourism Authority of Thailand altogether to revive Bangkok to its former state.

Central World now in renovation, opening soon!
Be sure to take advantage of the promotions in Bangkok and also the month long Amazing Thailand Grand Sales up to 80% discount.

At Impact Convention Center for the Amazing Grand Sale Launch: Picture with a cute promoter

Thank you Tourism of Thailand for inviting me for the media trip and it always a pleasure visiting the Land of Smiles.

Thank you for reading.

5 thoughts on “Real Bangkok Experience: The Red Shirt Protest Aftermath – June 2010, THAILAND

  1. Seriously, Wilson, I am DYING to make my way there again. But the ever present threats of the Red shirts (or Yellow shirts in retaliation) makes things so hard.
    Bangkok is a Food and Shopping Heaven. I am saying this albeit I’m from Malaysia. Yeah ….

    Let’s hope they enjoy a year or two of peace and tranquility, and get back on their feet.

  2. It’s good to go now. No need to wait a year or two. Hope we can meet up one day.

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