January 31, 2023

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Dining at Solar De Tejeda, Cordoba, ARGENTINA

There is no better place to dine than Solar De Tejeda. Located in the UNESCO heritage site itself, the restaurant is next to historical buildings and monuments.

We went there for dinner and the place is packed. Place is slightly small but the environment there is okay.

We ordered the Grilled Rib Cut for (ARS 33/US$8.70/RM27.80). My friend Chuan ordered extra 2 eggs for it. The Patagonian region of Argentina is very popular for its grill food and its beef. The grilled rib cut is grilled to perfection and it was well seasoned and the meat was tender. In short it was delicious!

Next we ordered additional Mixed Grill for two for (ARS 62/US$16.30/RM52). The ribs were well grilled and the sausages were good.

I prefer to eat the mixed grill without additional seasoning or sauces. It is good by itself. Dining at Solar De Tejeda offers a great night view of the historical buildings and monuments. They have menus in English and well mannered waiters and waitresses. This place is highly recommended!

Solar De Tejeda, Cordoba Address and Contact:

27 de Abril 23

Tel: 0351-4219702



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