December 3, 2023


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Our Lovely Pre-Wedding Pictures by Dev Lee

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Pre-Wedding Pictures by Dev Lee

The past few days was hectic. I was running around to prepare for my pre-wedding photo shoot. Something unpleasant happened last week so we had to find new locations within days and gladly we found a few. The whole photo shoot was fun but very tiring.

Shot by my personal friend, Dev Lee. We got a few locations such as Gita Bayu award winning club house and Werner’s at Changkat Bukit Bintang (thanks Andreas!!)

This are a few preview pictures, untreated, unedited and in low res. This picture is taken at Gita Bayu’s award winning clubhouse. The gown is included in the package, Rachel loved it.

This shot is taken at the clubhouse as well. That’s why they are award winning. 🙂

Loved this picture. We wanted something like this before the shoot as we showed him and Dev captured it well in his own style.

This was totally unexpected.This is taken at Werner’s Changkat Bukit Bintang. I loved the mood and the ambience of the place.

The cheongsam is belong to Rachel’s mother. Her mother’s actual wedding dress so this is quite nostalgic. The dress is at least 30 years old.

Lastly, I must thank Andreas for the Werner’s location and Gita Bayu management office for the permission of the club house. Not forgetting Dev for helping us so much on this.

Please do check out Dev’s profile at

We had fun for the photo shoot with him!

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    1. Thanks, we wanted something more artistic. It was really a hectic day, more than 12 hours of photo shooting. Thank god, we enjoyed it! Thanks Ciki for dropping by!

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