March 23, 2023

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Thai Food Cooking Classes Experience at Blue Elephant Cooking School, Bangkok, THAILAND

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Thai Food Cooking Classes at Blue Elephant, Bangkok, THAILAND

This could go to one of those untold stories of mine. Last year, at the last few days for my Tourism Of Thailand media trip, I was given the chance to learn Thai food at the famous Blue Elephant Cooking Academy in Bangkok.

The exterior the Blue Elephant Cooking School

My days of cooking have long gone passed by since my university days where I used to cook for Rachel. Since then, even staying on my own, cooking is never a necessity. Somehow, I find cooking for 2 cost more than dining out.

The beautiful interior of the place, loved the chandelier.

When the coach stopped in front of the pre-war building, there was a sign reads “Blue Elephant Restaurant”. We were brought to classrooms where chefs were teaching us the “theories”. After given us the explanations about the dishes we are going cook.

Cooking class made easy, check out the mirror on top of the chef, reflections made everything easier.

I took some notes as it wasn’t easy to memorize so many things at once. It is always simple to look at the chefs preparing the dishes but doing it on our own will be a different story.


12 thoughts on “Thai Food Cooking Classes Experience at Blue Elephant Cooking School, Bangkok, THAILAND

  1. We believe everyones first trip to Thaialnd should start with a Thai cooking school class as their morning trip to the market will familiarize the travelor with the Thai fruit and vegetables names, prices, quality, which one are hot to the body which are cold. You will then know how to make great tasting Thai food and what makes it so and you will know when you’ve been served poor street quality traditional Thai food. You could learn to say NO MSG in thai so your street food is not flavoured by spoonfuls of MSG and you could make a most valueable, area knowledged, contact being your teacher.

  2. yes SW,

    cOOk for us! I supply ah-sei to wash up if u cooking……..

    This place looks nice! I like the idea of learning how to cook in a colonial house!

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