November 29, 2023


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Nagomi Japanese Restaurant, Jaya 33: A Japanese Dinner Feast

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The Golden Roll (RM 32 / US$ 10) was next. The sushi roll contains tempura prawn and topped with mango slices. The mango was sweet while the tempura prawn was slightly soft. However, they made a good combo.

Nothing beats a good beef bacon roll with straw mushrooms or Gyu Enoki (RM 10 / US$ 2.50)

Have you tried a salmon pressed sushi before? If not, check this out.

The Sake Sako Hush (RM 30 / US$ 9.50) is a salmon pressed sushi top with a sour lemon slick and fish roe. It was quite refreshing to be frank, the lemon slice, salmon and the fish roe.

Jason messed up with the next order and we got the Gyu Ton Tobanyaki (RM19) or beef tongue on hot plate.

Well, the beef tongue was good and Shaz didn’t know about it until I told him. The meat is quite tender, not too hard for a beef tongue. Good stuff.


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