March 24, 2023

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The Fish River Canyon Pictures at Namibia, AFRICA

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The Fish River Canyon Pictures at Namibia, AFRICA: 4× 2008 Trans-Africa Adventure

An interview with veteran 4× traveler, Steven Ng told me about a beautiful canyon in Namibia during the Trans Africa 2008 expedition. The group of  4× drove from South Africa back to Malaysia. The journey took more than a month.

The beautiful canyon is no other than the Fish River Canyon. It is located at the south of Namibia and it is the second largest canyon in the world! It is also the largest in Africa.

The Fish River Canyon features a huge ravine, in total about 160 km long, 27km wide and almost 550m deep! –

The view of the canyon is breathtaking. Going there with a bunch of friends makes it better. The experience is unforgettable and priceless. – Steven Ng

The team of, mostly Malaysian 4×4 cars shipped to Africa for this expedition.

*Pictures are credited to group of the 4× group.*

Look out for more upcoming adventures from 4× at www.4× They will be traveling to Africa in March 2011.

1 thought on “The Fish River Canyon Pictures at Namibia, AFRICA

  1. I walked the Fish River Canyon in 1993 (I think). It was fantastic. I wish I had pictures of that outing. Some days were quite tough. At that stage there was a cafe in the middle of nowhere where we bought expensive Coke and burgers. We went from Namibia to Cape Town, and eventually home. I would recommend a trip down the west coast. We stopped over in some coastal fishing town (can’t remember which one). The west coast and Namibia are beautiful.

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