June 6, 2023

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Travel Essentials: The Ocean Potion Suncare Dab-On SpotStick

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Travel Essentials: The Ocean Potion Suncare Dab-On SpotStick

We have been traveling quite a bit in this past few months. Rachel is an outdoor person and she tends to get tanned quite easily. For me, I am tanned all year round.

Rachel loves outdoor sports and she is an amateur 4×4 car driver herself. She got herself 11th place at the 2009 Larut Hill 4×4 International Challenge, beating a dozen of her male competitors. She also loves swimming and jogging.

For me, I travel around with my traveling assignments as well as for my work. That’s why like I said, it’s hard to see me being fair.

Picture taken in Krabi, Thailand under the hot sunny sun

We definitely  loved our tanned skin but we do know the risk of skin cancer. According to the Malaysian Cancer statistics, in 2006, about 531 new skin cancer cases were reported and it has been increasing since.

We bought quite a number of sunblocks but the problem with most is that they are tedious. Some are not user friendly and tend to spill all over. Some are not environmental friendly as well. Most of them are not sweat and water resistant. We want something that is reliable, water and sweat resistant and convenient.

So then I was introduced to this sunblock brand called Ocean Potion. I always believe in buying certain items in trusted brands, for instance Ocean Potion for sunblock. Ocean Potion is one of the fastest growing sun and skin care products from Florida, USA. It has established in Malaysia at the end of 2009 in hopes of creating awareness to the general public of sun damage caused by the lack of sun protection. Ocean Potion is not made in Malaysia and directly imported from USA.

Convenient and easy to carry, the Ocean Potion Dab-On Spotstick

We tested the Ocean Potion Dab-On Spotstick and the cool thing about Ocean Potion Dab-On Spotstick is that it’s not greasy, it is water and sweat resistance and also fragrance free. On top of all that, , it can be applied on the face, nose, ears and scalp. This is good. I remember there are a few particular brands that give me the burning sensation on my skin when I applied it on the face. In addition, it comes in a stick form instead of the liquid form and it is SPF 50+ instant dry! This little stick is a total package! We loved the convenience of carrying it around while traveling.

We believed it is important to apply sunblock when we expose ourselves to the sun to prevent skin cancer. Ocean Potion carries a huge range of other sunblock products. To find one, simply visit Watson’s and selected pharmacies and sports clubs and outlets. Get Ocean Potion and get yourself protected today!

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